Plexidor® Door Units

Sleep in, Enjoy TV, Save your Carpets, and Lower Your Energy Bills.

lgdcolorThe Plexidor® can be installed in any type of house door, wood, steel, fiberglass, hollow core, etc.

The Plexidor® door units frame out a door that is 1 3/4″. This is the standard thickness of a door in the United States and Canada. The frame of the Plexidor® will protect your pet from the cut-out edges of the door. There is no need to ‘frame out’ the hole. The Plexidor® can be installed in any type of house door, wood, steel, fiberglass, hollow core, etc.

We can install your Plexidor® in your existing door or use a new door slab. We can also arrange to have the Plexidor® installed during home construction. If you have any questions call us at (801) 656-9130, we can help.

Size Recommendations 

Weight Size
Breed Size
up to 24 lbs.
Cats, Chihuahuas, Papillons, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Pomeranians, & Japanese chins
up to 40 lbs.
Poodles, Corgis, Dachshunds, Beagles, Pekingese, Shelties, Schnauzers, CockerSpaniels & most Terriers
up to 100 lbs.
German Shepherds, Labradors, Collies, Setters, Dobermans, Dalmatians, Boxers, Pointers & Golden Retrievers
Extra Large
up to 220 lbs.
Great Danes, St. Bernards, Borzois, Old Eng. Sheepdogs, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds, Great Pyrenees

The Plexidor® Advantage

  • See-Thru Panels – Rigid, high-impact, shatter-resistant Plexiglas panels.
  • Secure – Doors have locks, plus separate security plates, and can only be unscrewed and removed from inside your home.
  • Two-Way Self-Closing – Panels close automatically when pet has gone through. Mechanism concealed within main frame.
  • Safe and Easy To Use – See-thru Plexiglas panels open smoothly both ways with a gentle push.
  • Close Quietly – Won’t disturb you, or frighten your pet.
  • Versatile – Unique twin panels need only light pressure to open them, so large and small pets can use the same door.
  • Energy-Efficient – The panels are molded to form a ‘Thermo pane’ effect for excellent insulation, and edged with snug fitting, high-density, nylon pile weather seal to provide superior draft-proofing.Ideal for extreme climates. Size XL is a solid 3/8″ thick sheet of acrylic.
  • Heavy-Duty Frames –Anodized aluminum won’t rust, crack or warp. Attractive satin finish, or baked on white finish.

We do not use mud flaps. We use high impact acrylic panels. The same material used in small aircraft windshields.

We do not use paint. It will scratch off. Our whites are a baked on finish like your stove.

We do not use thin aluminum or plastic frames that a dog can chew or bend. Our frames are aluminum, heavy and thick.

Plexidor® Pet Doors are professionally engineered and manufactured from quality materials to be the very best: quiet, energy-efficient, completely secure, long-lasting and most importantly safe and easy for pets to use.

Unique twin Plexidor® Panels open both ways with a gentle push just like a cafe-type house door and close automatically without banging. They can be locked shut when required, and a separate steel security plate comes with the larger sizes to completely close the opening. (Size S. Due to the small opening, this size has a single Plexidor® panel.)

Manufactured in the U.S.A. to ensure reliable delivery and replacement parts service.

Clearly the Best for quality, durability and performance. 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, see details. 5 year limited warranty, residential use.

Baked on White finish! Choose from our traditional brushed satin Aluminum or our baked-on white finish, 3 three times tougher than a painted on finish for durability that can’t be beat!

Order a Plexidor® today and say goodbye to…

  • Messy Litter Trays
  • Scratched Doors
  • Wasted Energy
  • Awkward, Noisy, Chewed Flaps
  • Ruined Carpets and Drapes

With a Plexidor® Performance Pet Door you will enjoy…

  • Peace and Quiet
  • Security and Convenience
  • Undisturbed Sleep
  • Uninterrupted TV
  • Freedom from worry about letting your pet out