Dog Obedience Training in Central Minnesota

Dog Training is a big part of your responsibility as a dog owner. Your dog needs to learn basic obedience and the commands he will be expected to obey. You want your pet to be as happy as possible, and your dog will be happiest knowing you are the boss and that he/she needs to listen and obey you. When you bring your dog to Solid Results K9 he/she will learn to obey and enjoy training time. A dog’s nature is to be part of the pack, and once you are pack leader, your dog will be happy to obey you. Training can be fun and exciting for dogs and owners.

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Boarding & Training

Give your dog the best training – have him board with the trainer for 5 days or 2 weeks for intensive one on one training.

Dog Obedience

The best beginning for any family dog is basic obedience.

Scent Detection

Give your dog a job to do! Whether for work, play or just to enrich your dog’s life.

Group Obedience

Group Obedience is a great way to socialize your dog and get out and play together.

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